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God Is on Your Side
Too often we think of the Beatitudes as an instruction manual for living a good life, or some kind of spiritual ladder to climb. In these announcements, our Teacher is hinting at so much more: he is speaking personally and profoundly to the deep ache we all face when life gets broken and doesn’t work out like we think it should.

Join Stu Garrard on an adventure to discover a surprising meaning of these words. Along the way you’ll meet peacemakers on the front lines of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the twenty-first-century meek in our communities, and people living lives worthy of persecution with everyday courage.

Because after all, these words from the hill are speaking still: We want certainty - the beatitudes offer us divine presence, inside the ache, the lack and the “not yet-ness” of life. We are invited to listen afresh, to lift our heads, and pass on the surprising, upside down, announcement that God is on your side.